Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Everyone always says that when you have kids you kind of have to sacrifice your wants for theirs. Like if it's 3 in the morning and you're dead tired but the baby's crying to be fed, you can't be selfish and let them go hungry.
I've thought about that and I figured I could mentally prepare myself for when the baby comes. I didn't, however, really think about the sacrifices I'd have to make before the birth.

On Sunday I had to go to the ER for a miscarriage scare. We spent 7 hours there, (good thing the only thing on our agenda for the day was to go fishing). Well, when you're possibly miscarrying they do tests on everything. I can handle the urine tests, no problem. Well then they had to do an exam where they pushed on my abdomen, then they did blood tests, then they did a pelvic exam.... so not fun. After all that they said I was going for an ultrasound to see if the baby was still alive. Despite it being such a scary situation I was very excited about getting to see my baby for the first time...... until they mentioned a word I never wanted to be associated with me... it begins with cath- and ends in -eter...... yeah, so not fun. Apparently they needed to do this procedure in order to get better visibility of the baby. After that happened and I saw the baby and it was confirmed that there's still life and a good heartbeat I had to get a shot. I hate needles!!! I found out I have a negative blood type and that can cause problems. It doesn't affect the first baby, but my body will actually attack my next baby if the baby has positive blood. So, I need to build up immunities against that. So, now I had to withstand a one and a half inch needle for my second baby, if we end up even having a second baby...... If we do though I hope he/she appreciates everything mom has to go through.

The good news is while I was undergoing these uncomfortable, painful procedures the nurses were in disbelief at the level of my tolerance. They actually questioned their actions, they thought they were doing things wrong because most patients complain about the pain and stuff and I didn't say a word. So, that gives me hope towards the big D-day.... I hope I can tolerate that pain better than most women too. I am going to try for a natural birth, but I will make it clear that I want drugs available if I end up wanting them!