Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ryleigh's birthday gift

Ryleigh gave me laughter for my birthday, and I'd like to share it with you.

This is Ryleigh waking up from a nap

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Read my lips. Haha.

While I am "at work" teaching, if I talk to Ryan we have to mouth the words to each other so my students can't hear what we're saying.
Last night I asked him to go to the store to buy mayonnaise, cause I forgot to get some during my earlier shopping trip, then the conversation continued and went something like this (remember we were mouthing the words)

Ryan: "Did you buy catheters?"
Me: "What?!"
Ryan: "We need catheters, did you get some?"
Me: "We need catheters? What the heck do we need catheters for???"
Ryan: "We need some, we ran out"
Me: "????...... my student has a question, I need to get back to work"

So then we resumed the conversation over text messages

Me:"Why do we need catheters?
Ryan: "We don't. I was asking if you had bought cat litter"
Me: "Oh! I thought you were saying catheters! Haha"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh the craziness

Some people may think I am exaggerating about how full and crazy my house is right now because of the whole haha-just-kidding-you-can't-really-move-into-the-house-you-signed-a-lease-for fiasco.... well here's the pics to prove it

Note: This is with everything "put away" as much as possible, all except for one glass by the sink

Note the parts of the wall where we gave up on the painting. Haha.

Yes, my wall says "Hi Cayla"
P.S. Don't worry. I our couch cushions are so worn out that they have indents from our butts. And Ryleigh can't roll from her back to her stomach yet, let alone roll up a slight incline, so therefore there is no way she could have rolled off while I was taking this pic.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So pretty

everyone wonders how Ryleigh's hair manages to stick straight up. This video will answer that question

Haha. Ok, not really.... but she does love to brush her hair!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Officially moving?

We just got a call saying our application for Forest Creek was accepted. Yay! Not that we really had any doubts.... but with our luck lately.....

We already know which apartment we're moving into, and we already scoped out the building. Haha. We didn't get a place with a fireplace, only because we got more storage in just a regular 2 bedroom. We're moving the weekend of July 25th, so keep your calendars open if you wanna help out!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So cute

So today I was walking around Target, just trying to get some ideas of things I want for my birthday. Ryan wanted to know what I want, and I had no clue. While I was there I was also looking at some things I will want for when we move.
As I was walking around I came across the cutest bathroom set.
How cute is that?! I think the flip-flop soap holder is my favorite part.... and the pail wastebasket.

It would be a great thing to buy.... if you wanted to change your bathroom every season or something, cause I can't see having a beach themed bathroom in the middle of winter.... although, maybe it would be a good thing during those months when you're surrounded by cold snow. haha

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random acts of kindness

Yesterday as we were driving home from New Hampshire, we did not have a very pleasant trip. Ryleigh was mad to be in the car for so long, the highway was closed so we had to figure out a new route, and I got a speeding ticket ( my first one in 5 years :-( )
We stopped at a McDonald's for some food and as we were pulling in a guy driving another Scion pulled in right next to us. So, we got out and we complimented each other on the cars, and then he talked about how cute Ryleigh is. Then we went inside, used the bathrooms, and changed Ryleigh's diaper. When we came out that guy was still there. We went to order our food and he came right up to the register, laid down a 20$ bill and said that he wanted to buy us lunch! I don't know if it was just cause we had a scion, or maybe just cause we were polite and friendly... either way, it was a nice surprise.
Now I'm thinking I should "pay it forward" and find someone to do something nice for. Let's hope an opportuinity crosses my path.