Friday, July 31, 2009

Being content

I haven't blogged in a while cause I guess I've been busy.
We're all settled into our new place and I know that we made the right choice in living here. I told Ryan that if I ever start feeling discouraged about the fact that we are still living in an apartment instead of a house he needs to send me to my closet. I love my closet.... especially the part where the floor is flat, instead of slanted like our old one, so I can actually walk into my walk-in closet. I also love Ryleigh's closet.
I love our patio. Ryleigh, Hera and I have been sitting out there for a few minutes every morning. Ryleigh squeals every time she sees Hera, so every morning she squeals, and all the neighborhood dogs start barking, haha.
One amazing thing is that we have empty space in some parts of the apartment. I though empty space was unheard of... I only wish the empty spaces were in my kitchen, cause there's definitely a space issue there. However, there is a country decor store down the street, (which Ryan showed me, so he's not allowed to get mad if I buy anything there). So, I am in search of a bread box, and some kind of cabinet that will look nice, but hold all the extra kitchen items.
One weird thing is that this complex is about the same size as our old one, and yet I hardly ever see people outside. There are definitely no stay-at-home-moms close by :-( But there's no naked guy, and no smokers who sit outside all day like at our old place.... so, you win some, you lose some.
Overall this is a good place for us to be :-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Princess vs. Tom boy

In a desperate attempt to do something with Ryleigh's wild hair for the parties this weekend I went out and purchased hair elastics, clips, and bows.
This morning she tolerated me brushing her hair and parting it, but as I was trying to put elastics in she started crying. So, I moved on to the bows... which made her cry harder. Then I just tried to get her hair to stay down by wetting it and brushing it, which failed.
So, I decided she had had enough crying so I fed her breakfast.... which she them smudged into her hair.
I combed it out, and try to just clip a little of it back.... which resulted in her screaming and grabbing at my hands trying to push them away.

Lesson of the day: Daddy wins.... Ryleigh seems determined to be a tomboy despite my best efforts to make her a girly princess :-(

Friday, July 17, 2009

Recap of the week

This week has been pretty busy.

Ryleigh and I spent a lot of time in the church nursery for VBS. We only watched the staff workers babies, so I have no clue what happened as far as VBS goes... but I heard good things. Ryleigh was the only baby who couldn't crawl, so she ended up getting her hair pulled, and her face scratched a few times :-( But, thankfully she seems like a tough little girl, and after she shed a few tears she was fine. VBS also did wonderful things for her sleeping/eating schedule. Hello afternoon nap! She's taken at least an hour and a half long nap every day vs. her usual cat naps. yay! Her appetite also grew this week!

This weekend we have lots of fun things planned. One of which is a surprise. But, we also get to celebrate a good friend getting her masters degree. And, we have a fun beach cook-out planned for Sunday... and of course, we have a soccer game Sunday night. I am really looking forward to the weekend, let's just pray the weather holds up.

And, we're down to 8 days before the move. We still need to...

-finish packing
-call the necessary phone/electric/cable companies

Monday, July 13, 2009

super excited

We were in Home Depot buying more paint so we can finish painting our stupid apartment when I found something wonderful.
Wall stickers! I've actually researched these, and they're essentially just giant stickery-things you can put on the walls to decorate with, and then they easily come off when you move, or gets tired of them, and don't damage the walls. I wanted to stick with our Classic Pooh theme for the nursery until I came across this....

That's right.... a giant wall mural of Cinderella's castle! I'm such a dork I want it for myself, haha.
Now I am seriously thinking of turning Ryleigh's room into a princess themed one and I can't wait! :-)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Karate Kids

Here is some video footage of the kids getting their black belts for all of you who were not able to be there. They all did a great job!

(videos take forever to upload when you have a piece of junk internet service, so maybe I'll post more later)