Friday, July 8, 2011

Potty Training!

Seriously, how are you supposed to potty train a kid when it's something you've never trained anyone to do before, and you yourself learned like 27 years ago?!

I know everyone has hints, and suggestions, but since no 2 kids are alike none of the hints and suggestions are always going to work.

Ryleigh no longer likes having a wet diaper, and will take hers off if it is wet. But she does not want big girl underwear on. She has no problems peeing or pooping in the potty when we stick her on it, but she won't tell us she needs to go until after the fact. No amount of M&M's or stickers have seemed to help.

I'm pretty sure my kid will still be in diapers at her high school graduation. (Okay, not really. I just like to exaggerate :-)


Shelly said...

maeve and ryleigh will both be sporting hip teenager diapers at their high school graduation. at least they'll be in good company. =)

Deborah said...

I haven't quite started but am taking tiny steps to begin the process with Danny... the best advice I always hear, though, is not to worry about it. Every little one goes at their own pace and as long as it's not a huge issue once they hit pre-K or Kindergarten (I say huge because occasional accidents are bound to happen with kids that age, especially boys) everything works out fine. :)