Friday, December 17, 2010

Early morning lessons in parenting

As parents Ryan and I know how important it is to be consistent. If we establish a rule at home we stick to it no matter where we are. And if we establish a certain punishment for a certain offense we stay consistent with that as well.

But one thing we did not understand until now is that almost 2-year olds don't gather the concept of "special treats". You know, those times when you let something slide, or give special rewards for something in order to show gratitude for good behavior.

Last night Ryleigh wanted to sit in her play grocery cart. We let her because it was cute watching her get stuck, and it was funny watching her try to get out. But then we kind of came to our senses and told her she couldn't get in the cart anymore... mostly because the structural integrity of it really shows that I did not pay a whole lot for it!

Well, this morning she wanted to get in the grocery cart again and I said, "No".
Ryleigh just looked at me and said, "Sit in it yesterday".... Which is Ryleigh speak for, "Well Mommy, you let me sit in it yesterday, so why not today?".

Oops. Lesson learned. :-)

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