Sunday, February 20, 2011

19 days

The countdown is officially in the teens. woohoo!

A couple people at church told me it looks like the baby dropped a little... I'm still getting kicked in the ribs like crazy, so I don't tend to agree, but hopefully they're right!

Ryan has decided that I will go into labor on Saturday. We're going to a friend's house for dinner, and it happens to be the same friends whose house we went to the night I went into labor with Ryleigh :-) It was a fun night, and I remember sitting on their couch feeling the first twinges of labor back pain, and by time we got home that night I pretty much knew Ryleigh would be born the next day. So, here's hoping!

And we finally got a double stroller- the one big thing we needed for the baby. 25$ off Craigslist! yay! As soon as we got it Ryleigh said, "That's Ryleigh, and Xander's stroller". I had explain to her that I was looking for a stroller for them to both ride in the other day, but I am still pretty amazed at how well she grasped it.

We also moved the pack & play from the car, where we've been keeping it for months, to inside the house. The only other step we need to take to prepare for the baby is to install his car seat into my car.

And I might go buy blue bath towels. I realized all our baby bath towels are pink. Call me weird, but I just don't want to wrap my son up in pink bath towels.

That is all for now :-)

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