Friday, February 18, 2011

You win some, you lose some

Recap of my week: very busy!

On Tuesday I had my doctor's appointment where they said Xander's heartrate dipped low for a couple seconds. As a result, while trying to juggle Ryleigh in the doctor's office they said I needed to take a non-stress test that takes about 20-25 minutes. Thank God my wonderful husband walked in right before the test began and was able to take the little peanut off my hands.

My doctor also ordered an ultrasound, which thank God again, my mother in law was able to watch Ryleigh so I could go to my appointment alone. Everything checked out fine.

Today I had to go back to my doctor for another non-stress test as a precaution. Unfortunately no one was here to watch Ryleigh. Midway through an episode of Dora on my iPod she decided she didn't want to stay occupied. Instead she decided to reach her feet out of her stroller, and scoot herself all around the exam room! I was strapped up to a machine and could not stop her. Absolutely awful and very very stressful. But, thank God that test came out normal as well.

Unfortunately, because of that one time when Xander's heart rate went low I now have to do the non-stress test at every appointment from here on out. Which means, extra long appointments with a little girl who does not enjoy sitting in her stroller the whole time. What fun that's going to be!

While all this was going on we also made a decision to put an offer on the house we've been looking at. We made a firm offer at $10,000 less than the asking price, and we were denied. Kinda bummed, but we still have plenty of time for the house hunt. However, right now the majority of houses up for sale are short sales. I really, really don't want to do a short sale because I am not a patient person who can wait around for months to hear what the banks say.... but in this economy, short sales are abundant, and ready to move-in houses are not :-(

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